Construction Completed!

By Matt

While any house build is an arduous journey we had the added complication of wondering if we would meet our energy efficiency goals.  However, we are glad to report that  Vetting Wolf Homestead House build has been completed. Early this October we started moving stuff from a temporary storage locker into our new home. While its still to early to tell, our energy efficient house (hopefully Net-Zero in the future by way of solar panels) has been performing well in the shoulder month of October. Several nights last week had lows around freezing, but the house held comfortable temperatures without added heat from the minisplits. At night the house got down to around 68 degrees, with the bedrooms 1-2 degrees lower, while in the afternoon after a day of sun exposure the temperature climed to 73 degrees. Only time will tell if all this will work when we experience a Minnesota deep deep freeze. We will have more posts on the performance of the House and its individual components as we settle in and enjoy our new abode but here are some photos of the final build (We are still working on the landscaping).

South Side of House Designed for Passive Solar Heating
North Side of House
East Side of House with Screened Porch
Living Room
Kitchen and dining room
Open to above, looking up to and out from catwalk
Laundry room
First Floor Powder Room
Upstairs bathroom
West bedroom (east and south facing windows)
Downstairs and Upstairs Mini-split Heat Pumps
Condensers for Minisplit Heat Pumps on North-side of Garage
Rheem 65 Gallon Heat-Pump Water Heater and Home Master Whole House 3-Stage Water Filter
Broan Heat Recovery Ventilator

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